James Ambler

Oxlade Studios

With over thirteen years of experience, James Ambler became a household name capturing couples' once-in-a-lifetime moments. Prior to starring in Shark Tank, James' career started as a freelance newspaper journalist and paparazzi photographer for six years. It was not until he proposed to his, now, wife in New York City that he came up with the idea for Paparazzi Proposals in 2011. Wouldn't it be amazing to have a photographer discreetly capture an engagement without intruding into the intimacy of the moment? That thought led to the creation of the first national photography company to specialize in proposals, starting in New York and expanding to, currently, 35 cities.  The progression from proposals to weddings came natural when clients began coming back requesting for James. Finding a passion over the years in applying the same photojournalistic approach to weddings, Oxlade Studios came to fruition in 2017. James has been featured in Shark Tank, The Insider, CBS Sunday Morning, The Today Show, Pix 11 Morning News and more.