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Westchester Wedding Photographer Top 5 Tips for Planning the Picture-Perfect Wedding

Planning the picture-perfect wedding is many wonderful things, however, easy is not one of them.

Regardless, you can avoid a lot of stress and time by following a few important steps. Oxlade Studios has put together our top 5 tips to ensure your wedding day is not only the day you have always dreamed of but one you can enjoy planning.

1. Plan Ahead

Planning a wedding will be some of the most fulfilling and worthwhile moments in your life. It will also be some of the most stressful. The big picture might be clear, but the final outcome is not possible without the small details. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to contact and review vendors, execute little things (like wedding invitations), choosing the dress/tux, planning the bachelor/ette party or the rehearsal dinner, ect.

2. Budget

Yes, this is one of the most important days of both of your lives, however, it is important to keep in mind it is only the beginning. While it is normal to want the perfect wedding, it is important to budget for a wedding that will not potentially bring financial distress after. Take plenty of time to set a total budget and how much you are willing to spend on what. From this, you will be able to find the vendors and space that best suit your needs.

3. Choose a Date that Works Best for You

Do not feel pressured to get married shortly after getting engaged. If you need one or three years, there is no expectation to be sending wedding invitations a few months after your engagement. Everyone’s schedule and lifestyles are different, and it is ok to require more time physically, emotionally or financially.

4. Accept What You Can’t Control

Not everything is going to go according to plan. Not every detail is going to be perfect. You might not getting your top venue or wedding band, and that is ok. Your wedding day is more significant than just that one day. It is about the commitment you are making and the people you are celebrating it with.

5. Choose a Photographer that Will be with You Every Step of the Way

The silver lining in all this wedding stress? You are not alone. There are so many resources out there, friends and family eager to help, and, of course, your wedding photographer. A good wedding photographer captures most of the pivotal moments during your wedding day. A great wedding photographer helps plan and coordinate these moments with you prior to ensure not one important moment is missed. Oxlade Studios will go over all these details with you to fully customize a package that best suits your needs. From getting ready, to the first reveal, to the wedding ceremony and party, and, even scheduling a portrait date prior, we will work hand-in-hand to make sure you can relieve and treasure these memories for years to come.

New York Commercial Photography

Photography is essential to selling a brand or business. In a world of visuals and social media, whatever audience you are trying to target needs images to connect with and better understand what is being sold to them.

Oxlade Studios offers catered packages to every business to meet whatever photography demands required. Are you looking for content to post daily or for a marketing campaign? Head photographer James Ambler will work with you to establish a plan that works best and tell the perfect story.

Having worked with clients such as the Bahamas Tourism Board and celebrities like Michael Yo, he understands that every business and individual is different and will showcase your brand picture-perfect.

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New York Food and Restaurant Photographer

What better way to sell a restaurant than by pictures of the food?

If you are searching for a food and restaurant photographer inNew York, then Oxlade Studios has you covered. Specializing in photojournalism, James Ambler will not only showcase the delicacies on the menu but tell a story. What is the theme? Is the food local from somewhere specific? What makes your space unique?

All these questions will be answered through beautiful images that you can market online and on social media. Contact us today to discuss ideas and rates!

Every restaurant has a story - are you ready to capture and showcase yours?

Brian & Kelly Maryland Wedding Photographer

We love getting to capture the monumental steps in our couples' love stories, from the engagement to the wedding! We had the chance to capture Brian's proposal to Kelly in Los Angeles, and James was excited to have the opportunity to capture their wedding months later in Maryland!

From getting ready for big reveal, to walking down the isle and the celebration afterwards, James planned with Brian and Kelly a step-by-step timeline to be able to capture every moment. It was difficult for them to sort a Maryland wedding photographer due to planning a destination wedding different from where they live, so it was fortunate that James was in on planning the wedding even before they got engaged!

Westchester Professional Portraits and Headshots

In a world dominated by social media, professional headshots are no longer just for work. From social media to dating websites, meeting people nowadays often means meeting them online first. Due to this reason it is important to have updated profile pictures that are recent and are appropriate for the platform being used for. Work with a photographer that is willing to work with you on different types of shot and can help you get a shot you can use to score a job and a date within the same session!

Schedule your one hour session now and coordinate with James on your overall goal for the photoshoot and the types of photos you hope to achieve from it.

Westchester Kids Birthday Party Photography

Whether a birthday party or a friend date, getting kids to pose still for pictures at a children’s party is close to mission impossible. That is when James’ photojournalistic experience in photography comes in handy, plus his own experience with his own two kids.

Every parent wants a mixture of candid and posed photos of their kids. With Oxlade Studios you are guaranteed both. From face painting to playing on the swings, James will capture each moment without intruding on the kids having fun! Having specialized in paparazzi photography, he will treat your kid like a star at their next birthday party!

Contact us today for more details and start planning to document your child’s day.

Westchester Family Portraits Photography

Are the cousins coming to visit? Why not surprise the entire family with an impromptu photoshoot? It is hard getting the entire family together, so why not capture the special moments it is possible?

Plan a family outing to your favorite park, and James will snap pictures of all your loved ones. Running, playing on the swings and, maybe, a little face paint, make family time a day you will be able to look back on and share with the rest of the family!

Portraits are also a fun to start the new school year. Make family portraits an annual tradition! to make sure not a year goes by uncaptured.

Contact us today to reserve your day!

Westchester Children Portraits Photographer

It is important to document the different stages in your children’s lives. Family portraits are a fantastic way of making the present moment last forever and create fun photos with the family to celebrate whatever is the current season.

Whether it is the new school year or the holiday time, children portraits will let you hold onto your little ones a little longer, even if they have to grow up! They are especially fun to send as holiday or announcement cards to family and friends.

The location is completely up to you, and you can coordinate multiple outfits for different photos.

Snacks will be on us.

Jay & Jemima Frederick Maryland Wedding Photography

Jay & Jemima planned their wedding to be held at the Monocacy Aqueduct nearby Frederick, Maryland. Residing in Los Angeles, it was difficult for them to meet with photographers beforehand to pick the best option. Having previously shot their engagement during their trip in New York City, James could not pass up the opportunity to travel to Maryland and capture their wedding. A little rain did not stop the picture-perfect moment they both said, "I do."

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Dan & Brittany New York City Hall Wedding Photography

Dan and Brittany planned an intimate New York City Hall wedding with a reception to celebrate right afterwards. James customized a package to include photos of the private ceremony and the celebration with friends and family.

He started the day capturing Brittany and her friends get ready, then caught up with the groom. The reveal occurred in front of the courthouse, and the soon-to-be bride and groom walked in together. James captured all the moments leading to "I do."

After, James photographed their arrival at the reception and a night they will never forget.