Travel Photographer : Gordon and Siobhain Bahamas Engagement

Gordon and Siobhain traveled to the beautiful Harbour Islands for a romantic weekend getaway.

From endless miles of beaches, clear skies, fine dining and perfect weather, the Bahamas are a dream destination, especially when it involves a diamond ring!

Gordon was one of the winners from the Say Yes in the Bahamas campaign with the Bahamas Tourism board and Paparazzi Proposals. James coordinated to travel and be there to capture his special moment.

His girlfriend had no idea of all the excitement to come.

If you are planning on propose during a trip, get a travel photographer that will familiarize themselves with the area and everything it has to offer.

This was definitely the moment of a lifetime, captured forever. Love radiates between these two, and James could not have been more excited to capture every moment.

Source: Travel Photographer